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Natural extracts

Rediscover new values derived from Vietnam’s fertile land. We carry a wide selection of one-of-a-kind natural extracts, perfect for all-kinds of applications

Corn Extract
Brown Rice Extract
Spouted Mung Bean Extract
Gac Extract
Salted Egg White Extract
Meat Extract
Chicken Extract

Fats and Oils

We deliver innovative solutions for a broad range of applications, specialized in:

Butter Oil Substitute
Vegetable Oil

Nutrient Premixes

Customized nutrient premixes are all-in-one blends that can be used in every product application

DSM Vitamin premixes
SeaGarden Collagen premixes

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To make ordinary things become extraordinary

Extensive Research and Development

Hoang Anh continues to reinvest approximately 10 per cents of our revenues into R&D, providing our team with the resources they need to be successful. We are building strategic partnerships with Academic Institutes to conduct research studies in exploring new nutritional sources, especially those from nature.

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We are paying more attention to enhance the bio-active compounds level extractable from natural fruits, vegetables, and other things. Getting directly from the fields, trusted sources for consistently high-quality, safe ingredients.

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Specialty Ingredients

Ingredient Portfolio

Our portfolio of specialty ingredients is your creative and innovative solutions for a variety of applications including confectionery, savory foods, meat products, dairy products and beyond.

Let us be a part of your journey in successful conquering the market.

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