We will leave no stone unturned in searching to create the tastes that suit you best

Sensation of Flavors

Of the five senses, smell and taste are the most powerful senses when it comes to evoking memories, and to producing many sensations of everyday life. Our flavour collection embraces the best of the East, the tastes that you love most.

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A World of Ingredients

Driven by our commitment to create healthier, high quality and innovative products Led by desires of our hearts to provide personalised solutions for your unique business needs

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Culture of Innovation

At Hoang Anh, we create an environment in research and development that enables our team of flavourists, food technologists and application specialists to create the innovations that form the foundation of our future competitiveness.

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Stay Updated

We closely follow the latest Global Food and Drinks trends

Our market research initiatives are an essential part of the company’s practices. We have made commitment to invest in high technologies, collaborate with National Institute of Nutrition and Nong Lam University (Agriculture and Forestry Faculty) to create collaborative innovation projects that help you conquer new markets.